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Albemarle Corporation, Baton Rouge LA - Global manufacturer and market leader in brominated and other polymer additives that include catalysts, catalyst activators, curing agents, fillers, flatting agents, inhibitors and photoinitiators. Contract R&D, custom manufacturing and global applications development and technical services also available.


Era Polymers - Era Polymers is a fully-fledged systems house covering the polyurethane application areas of elastomers, foams, coatings and adhesives. The range of products available to our customers continues to grow year by year. We offer hundreds of products; in fact, we are only limited by what our customers ask of us.

M Chemical Company Inc. - M Chemical Company located in Los Angeles California who offers an extensive product portfolio of GUARD DOG™  UV Stabliziers, Absorbinators for molecular sieves as well as ANTIFLAME flame retardants to the thermoplastic and thermoset markets.


China Antimony Chemicals Co., Ltd an affiliate of China Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. - One of the world's largest producer of antimony oxides sold to the plastics, rubber, textile and adhesives markets as a flame retardant.

RJMarshall Co. - Rejenmor Inc. as exclusive Eastern Canada representation for RJMarshall's bayer grades hydrated alumina. The R.J. Marshall Company has multiple plant locations to service their customers requirements for bayer grades hydrated alumina, being a part of their filler portfolio. Established in 1978, a complete range of particle size materials are available to meet all application criteria, with a motto "We Seek To Make Our Customers Successful"

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